Dr. Nazar Golewale: Your Top Choice for Uterine Fibroid Treatment in Chicago

Are you experiencing the discomfort and disruption caused by uterine fibroids? You’re not alone. These benign tumors affect many women, often causing heavy bleeding, pain, and other troubling symptoms. But the good news is, you don’t have to resort to invasive surgery like hysterectomy or myomectomy to find relief. Dr. Nazar Golewale, a leading specialist in vascular and interventional radiology, offers a highly effective alternative right here in the Chicago area: Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE).

Meet Dr. Nazar Golewale: Your Fibroid Specialist

With a wealth of experience and expertise in vascular and interventional radiology, Dr. Golewale is your trusted partner in overcoming uterine fibroids. After serving as the Medical Director of Vascular & Interventional Radiology at Elkhart General Hospital in Indiana, Dr. Golewale established his own practice to bring advanced care to patients in northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago area. Board-certified from Yale University and with over 6,000 interventional procedures under his belt, Dr. Golewale is committed to providing the highest standard of care to his patients.

Understanding Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)

What sets UFE apart from traditional surgical options like hysterectomy and myomectomy? UFE is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure designed to shrink fibroids and alleviate symptoms without the need for major surgery. During the procedure, a specialized catheter is used to deliver tiny particles to the arteries that supply blood to the fibroids, cutting off their blood supply and causing them to shrink over time. With UFE, there’s no need for surgical incisions or lengthy recovery times, allowing you to get back to your normal routine quickly.

The Most Effective Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

When it comes to treating uterine fibroids, UFE stands out as one of the most effective options available. Not only does it provide relief from symptoms like heavy bleeding, pain, and pressure, but it also offers long-term results without the risks associated with surgery. Plus, UFE is covered by most insurance plans, making it an accessible choice for women seeking relief from fibroid symptoms.

Getting Rid of Large Fibroids Without Surgery

Are you concerned about the size of your fibroids? With UFE, even large fibroids can be effectively treated without the need for surgery. By targeting the blood supply to the fibroids directly, UFE can shrink even the largest tumors, providing significant relief from symptoms and improving your overall quality of life.

Is UFE Right for You?

Wondering if UFE is the right choice for your fibroid treatment? Take our short quiz to find out! If you’re ready to explore all of your treatment options and find relief from uterine fibroids, don’t hesitate to contact us today at our Munster or Merrillville locations by calling 219-208-6218 or our Palos Heights location at 708-888-1167. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and help you take the next steps towards a happier, healthier life, free from fibroid symptoms.

Don’t let uterine fibroids hold you back any longer. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Nazar Golewale today and take the first step towards lasting relief.


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