AV Fistula for Dialysis

AV Fistulas and Grafts

For Dialysis Access and Maintenance

If your kidneys are not functioning properly, you may need dialysis to filter the toxins out of your blood on a regular basis. In order to have hemodialysis, patients undergo the creation of a fistula or graft in their arm or wrist. This enables easier, long-term access to your bloodstream for your dialysis provider.

When creating an AV fistula, our interventional radiologist joins an artery to a vein in your arm. This provides a thicker blood vessel durable enough to support regular dialysis treatment (several times per week) without collapsing. An AV graft is similar but is created by interposing graft material between the two blood vessels to join them. The type of access you will have is based on your anatomy, life expectancy, and other factors.

Over time, fistulas or grafts can malfunction or become clotted. Because of this, we offer various minimally invasive procedures to clean and maintain them so that your fistula or graft remains in optimal condition.

At NG Vascular & Vein Center, we also offer diagnostic sonography and vascular access planning/mapping to provide the complete range of dialysis access and maintenance services.

AV Fistula for dialysis

To learn more about the placement of an AV fistula or dialysis catheter, please contact us to make an appointment.
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