I have been going here for leg procedures to close up leaky veins in my legs causing a lot of achy pain, swelling, and general discomfort. We've completed the top portions of my legs so far and they are feeling noticeably significantly better than my lower legs now! Can't wait to finish my lower legs now! Dr G and his staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable and provide excellent care! Definitely recommend!
Lauren W.

I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. G this month and I couldn't be happier with my experience. He is highly knowledgeable and professional. He takes her time to explain everything in detail and makes sure that you understand it before proceeding. His attention to detail is remarkable, which makes him a great doctor! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for excellent care.
Trump B.

I am a patient with extreme health anxiety, and this is the first time I have entered an office, where I felt this comfortable. Not only the doctor, but the entire medical team at this office was superb. The sonographer, medicinal assistants, and receptionist all made me feel comfortable and validated. Dr. G was thorough in his explanations on why it doesn’t appear I have certain “scary” conditions, which reduced my anxiety. They are also very responsive on the phone and informed me of my test results right away.
Randall G.

My legs feel a lot better. Thank you doctor and staff. Doctor is very nice and knowledgeable. His assistant is really helpful as well.
Eliseo O.

Dr G is the best in making me feel as ease with my treatments, Ayuob is next to him in my opinion, 😊 very friendly staff.
Geraldine T.

Great Dr. My mom's leg are a lot better. Very nice staff. Ultrasound tech Ayoub explains things very well.
William D.

Great experience. My dad's legs are a lot better. The swelling is better. Thank you Doctor G! I wish I found you earlier!
Marie K.

Great experience. Legs feel alot better after treatment. Dr g is amazing.
Bettie E.

I’m really pleased and cheerful after every treatment because I’m finally getting results that I can see and how I much better my legs feel. Dr. G is terrific and his staff is pleasant and professional. Thank You Dr. G
Rodney M.

Very nice staff, Doctor Golewale is the best! My legs feel a lot better! The ultrasound tech Ayuob did a great job explaining things!
Karen K.

Dr. Golewale and his office staff meet beyond patients' expectations! Personable, caring, and efficient they are unique in the way they care for every individual patient and the patient's family! Very confident when sending my loved ones their way.
Omniveb J.

What a wonderful experience! Staff was super friendly and the Doctor went above and beyond to explain the procedures. My leg hasn't felt this great in a long time!
Ibrahim M.

Patrice & Dr. G are amazing! Professional and compassionate. My varicose veins are almost gone! Busy office but they always try to accommodate. Office administrator Dacia is always wonderful!
Jennifer M.

My leg felt horrible and I went in and they did an ultrasound it was very detailed and they explained everything. I needed a procedure to open my artery it feels great after. Thanks Dr g!
Quentin S.

I can't express my gratitude enough for the relief I've gotten since Dr. Golewale and his staff have been treating me. They are efficient and very friendly with much attention to their work. I have had vein disease in both my legs for the last 20 years with multiple surgeries and injections. And nothing seemed to do much good except for some short-term pain relief. Thank you Dr. Golewale and staff for helping me to live a more comfortable life.
Gary M.

Dr. G was very informative of all the procedures that needed to take place. The whole staff is nice and considerate.
Douglas S.

Great team. Doctor G is a great and humble doctor. He has helped my legs feel better and always takes the time to explain things. His ultrasound tech has very great bed side manners as well. Thank you guys.
Linda T.

Great experience. My legs feel a lot better. Doctor and ultrasound tech are very nice. I highly recommend this doctor. He is very humble and knowledgeable
Irene S.

Dr.G is a very caring and friendly doctor, he cares about his patients he explains things in a manner to where you can understand. My family was very pleased with the time and care that he took with me. He's very patient he takes his time and his office also arranges transportation to and from his office. The staff is also friendly and his does an awesome job with answering questions and I would recommend him to anyone.
Janice W.

Dr Golewale is very smart and knowledgeable! He takes his time to explain things and has a great bedside manner. The Ultrasound guy is very nice, and the rest of the staff! My legs feel great! Thank you
Mary P.

Awesome experience for my dad and mom. Dad is the patient but mom drives him to his appointments. They are in and out of the office very quickly. The staff are very welcoming, polite, friendly and professional. The doctor was very friendly and professional. Amazing service.
Soelys R.

They are very helpful team. Doctor g helped me with my legs I’m able to walk for blocks now. Thank you doctor g for being a great doctor. I highly recommend him.
Robert G.

Dr. Golewale and his staff are amazing!! I have visited 2 of his locations, Merrillville and Munster. Both are very clean and welcoming. Staff members take time to make ensure patients understand the ins and out of their procedures and always follow up to ensure that patients are recuperating well. Wait times are minimal and they are all very efficient. Would definitely recommend!!!
Nicole J.

After going fo NG Vascular & Vein Center for the past several months I'm really satisfied with the whole experience...The office staff is attentive and professional. The medical staff is friendly and engaging while maintaining professionalism. Dr. Golewaoe has been informative and attentive to my concerns. He has helped me to live a better life.
Duane S.

Dr. G is so wonderful! Always very nice and informative! The staff including front desk, ultrasound techs and the MA's are so nice and helpful!
Mary B.

Doctor g is the best! My leg feels a lot better. You can tell he knows what he is doing! Thank you and your staff.
Colonise W.
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