The Ideal Exercise Tips for Preventing Frequent Urination Issues

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Although very few people talk about bladder health, many are affected by bladder-related issues. This organ is located in the lower part of the abdomen, and it is intended for storing urine and could be compared to a balloon. Our bladder tends to change when we get older, and some issues may appear, including frequent urination issues.

Although we cannot possibly control all the things that can happen to our bladder and the evolution of these issues, some good exercise tips can help us prevent frequent urination, including:

  1. Urinating after physical activity can lower the risk of infections or other problems. Urinating after intimacy with your partner is also highly recommended.
  2. Exercise regularly, as this can help prevent bladder issues and constipation.
  3. Do exercises involving the pelvic muscles, and the best method for improving your bladder function is to squeeze the muscles for extended periods. Or look for professionals that can guide you on which exercises work best.
  4. Repeat the exercises 10 or 15 times every time you exercise for best results.

Doing your pelvic exercises at least thrice daily can be a great way to prevent urination issues. Each exercise session should last about 5 minutes.  Talking with professionals regarding newer treatments for uterine fibroid embolization Merrillville offers can also be great steps too!


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