How to Avoid Hurting Your Back During Intense Workouts

Avoid Injury Exercise Stretching Chicago Vascular Specialists

When it comes to maximizing the benefits of a rigorous workout, you must remember that proper form and technique is everything. Without it, you risk straining or even seriously hurting your back. Here are some helpful tips from Chicago vascular specialists to help you avoid hurting your back during an intense workout:

  • Warm-up: Increase your heart rate gradually to activate the muscles in your back. Start with dynamic stretching exercises and a light aerobic warm-up to get your back ready.
  • Core strength: Having a strong core is essential for avoiding back pain. Without it, your posture and form suffer, both of which are essential for protecting against injury. Consider adding planks, deadlifts and other core exercises to build up your core muscles and prevent back issues.
  • Good posture: Make sure to lift with your legs instead of your back, throughout your workout; you must keep your back straight. If the exercise requires bending over, hinge from the hips and maintain a straight back. Do not let your back round and create a hunched posture.
  • Breathe: While you are exercising, remember to breathe. Make sure to take deep, steady breaths in order to oxygenate the muscles in your back and also to get energy going.
  • Know your limits: Everyone’s body has its limits. When you reach the point where your form is suffering, take a break.

These recommendations will help you make sure that you maintain proper form and technique in order to lessen the chance of harming your back during your intense workouts.


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