Are You More Likely to Suffer from Venous Issues As You Grow Older?

Venous Issues Varicose Vein Doctor Merrillville

If you are concerned about the prospect of suffering from venous issues as you grow older, you need to know that there are several factors which contribute to the increased prevalence of venous issues with age.

First of all, as you age, the walls of your veins may become weaker and less elastic. This can lead to the dilation and stretching of the veins, resulting in the development of varicose veins.

Veins contain valves that help regulate blood flow by preventing blood from flowing backward. Over time, these valves may become weakened and damaged, leading to a condition called chronic venous insufficiency. When the valves fail to function properly, blood can pool in the veins and cause swelling, discomfort, and other symptoms.  Treatment options from a varicose vein doctor Merrillville has can be very beneficial in managing these type of issues.

We have to note the fact that aging can often coincide with a decrease in physical activity levels. Lack of exercise can negatively impact blood circulation, as regular movement helps pump blood back to the heart. Reduced muscle tone and activity can contribute to blood pooling in the veins and increase the risk of venous issues.

Hormonal changes that occur with age, such as declining estrogen levels in women during menopause, can affect vein health. Estrogen helps maintain vein elasticity and strength, so its decrease can contribute to venous issues.



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